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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This was the one of the second magazine spread assignments. This piece expresses my first attempt ever to create a cartoon graphic. For the first time I think it was pretty successful. This spread is also a good example of working with a lot of body copy. For the final spread I decided to ditch the idea of the word "full" sitting on the scale because, as much as I like it, it was hard to read. It didn't quite go with the flow of the header. I made the scale and header both bigger and rearranged the space. Also, the side bar got moved from the top to the bottom of the second page. The overall layout definitely is a huge improvement from the previous design. I spent a lot of time on this layout. I struggled a lot with the cartoon, formatting the huge body copy, and doing multiple versions. This was definitely the hardest layout to design for me. I spent eight hours on this magazine spread.


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