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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This is a 13x19 poster I had to create just by using a picture I found. I had to create the concept and information on the design. I ended up using Arches National Park because that is where the picture is actually from. I made the poster from the angle of a summer events poster advertising speakers coming in to talk about their art or the environment. It was fun to research and figure out what people I would have come speak at the park! I did many versions and different effects on the image before I came across the combination. I really like how the image now has an illustrative quality put also looks like a painting. I wanted the poster to be image dominant so I moved all the informational text to a side bar. I then wanted the side bar to almost be a separate piece of the poster so i segregated it with a different color and format compared to the main part of the poster. I spent four hours on this poster.


Kathy said...

I enjoyed looking at your design work. It reminded me of when I went to Art school...eons ago. Keep up the good work and remember to follow your heart. We are in such a great field and you will get so much satisfaction. Enjoy!

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