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Monday, September 28, 2009

Project #7 TAKE TWO...

I went back in and reworked both magazine layouts. I'm pretty happy with how my "How Safe" article is coming. I concentrated on opening the layout up and de-cluttering it. I also unified the layout more by having the tomatoes hang off the top of the page. I just have a few copy issues to deal with.

"The Secret of Feeling Full", still proposes a problem. I worked on stepping out of my box and attempted to create a cartoon. I usually just deal with photography. I spent a few hours trying to mess with this design and had a lot of difficulty. For the final design I'm going to tweak the colors palette and work on tightening the body copy.

So far on each layout I have spent roughly five hours. This makes ten hours all together. I planned on spending around twelve hours for these two layouts.


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