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Friday, December 10, 2010


FINALLY! Here is my cheesy airbrush! I can officially say that if I can't find a job when I graduate I can always be a carnival worker as a backup! I had a lot of fun with this image compared to previous airbrushes we did! It really does make a difference depending what airbrush and how well it has been taken care of! I was so excited that with the newer airbrush I used I could actually CONTROL what I was doing! This image was kind of frustrating because I did have to start over part of the way through. I also had to do a little touch up work in Photoshop once the image was scanned into the computer. My contact paper left some weird sticky-ness in spots on the image. Then awkward fuzz stuck to it! I had a lot of fun with this project. THE BEST PART WAS THAT I CAN NOW AIRBRUSH MY NAME!


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