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Monday, November 15, 2010


It's officially time to be super CHEESY with the CHEESY AIRBRUSH image! I made a list of everything cheesy I could think of. Here it is:
1. butterflies
2. rainbows
3. ducks
4. teddy bears
5. sunsets
6. hearts
7. smiley faces
8. dophins
9. cursive names
10. 'v' birds
11. kissy lips
12. frogs
13. candy
14. balloons

I decided to combine BALLOONS, CURSIVE NAME, TEDDY BEAR, and HEART! I'm going to re-do my comp and maybe have the bears waving hand come out of the frame of the heart. Also I will have the teddy bear hold a cluster of balloons and they will all come out of the frame! Hopefully this turns out great! But it's unlikely since my airbrush skills aren't up to par!


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