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Monday, September 20, 2010


The assignment over the weekend was to create a watercolor that would get approved by the client. The catch...the client looks exactly like us and wants a self portrait. This self-portrait is supposed to be designed for our blog profile picture. I am pretty excited about how my portrait turned out. I chose to create it at a larger scale of 8x10 in fear at a smaller scale I would be more likely to be rigid and tight. I chose a small color pallet of blues and purples to not overwhelm myself. I feel like a had a PARTIAL AH-HA MOMENT! I was loose and didn't worry about colors flowing into other colors or parts of the image. I also didn't concentrate too hard on blending the colors. It isn't an exactly replica of what I look like but I am very happy with the technique.

Here's the original artwork:

Here's the cropped artwork for my blog picture:


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