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Friday, September 17, 2010

Computer & Old School Watercolors

We were assigned to create 5 watercolors using Photoshop and then do they same 5 images differently using watercolors. I actually really liked the computer watercolors. I felt like it helped me understand how to layer watercolors and losen up a bit. Then when I went to do the traditional watercolors I tried to not spend a lot of time on them and use more pigment. I still have just not had my 'AH HA' moment. Will it ever come? idk?

Here are some of the computer illustrations:

Here are the watercolors: I had successful parts to several of these but not overall. Now if I can just combine all of them it would be awesome! I'm starting to combine more colors to create depth.

This Chicken has nice insides! HAHA!

The jacket on this one has nice shading.

I like the bleeding edge of the wash throughout the piece but
needed to spend time and develop the line art.


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