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Monday, December 7, 2009

JOE SIX PACK - three

So I thought I came up with this brilliant way to render my six-pack. I really wanted to print my box on luster paper so it would look shiny. I only have paper that is 13x19. I was going to piece together my box. Unfortunately I was informed today that it is a requirement to print the box all on one sheet of paper (22x28) so I can actually fold the box together myself! I'm pretty disapointed just because I spent a lot of time measuring my box and creating templates for the piece together effect. Now for the final package, I need to go back and create a template for the entire box. .....AND I'm really worried about how it will turn out since I have to have someone else print it due to the large size! Hopefully it all works out!


Glen Gross said...

Looking good, fun design, eye catching, probably a sellable package.

James Reed said...

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