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Friday, December 11, 2009


HERE IT IS! This is my final version of my six pack. I was slightly disappointed with the package mock-up. To me it isn't as perfect as I am used to. I had trouble with the paper. I doubled up two sheets of bristol board and it was a little TOO THICK! Even though I scored my edges, when I folded them the paper cracked. I also didn't like how the handle was so bulky. Once it was put together folded it was six sheets thick. This just made it hard to make the handle look clean. I spent two to three hours just cutting out and assembling the carrier!

If I could redo the project I would maybe try to make a variety pack of different kind. I would also have really liked to modify the carrier package more to make it stand out and be unique.

Overall I enjoyed this project and learned a lot. {Check your CMYK colors before printing.....Black isn't always "black"}


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