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Monday, December 14, 2009

FINAL PORTFOLIO {visual communications II}

WOW! I really can't believe that the semester is already over. Here is a compilation of my best 8 pieces of work from this semester put into a portfolio. ENJOY!

AUDIO BOOK: The goal was to create a package and design for an audio book. I chose 1984 by George Orwell. I also included three discs in my package. One strength I have is the ability to shoot my own photography. Al the graphics on this package are still lifes that I set up and shot. The templates for the package and cd holders were created by me from scratch. I spent 20 hours on this project total.

MAGAZINE AD: The goal was to create a magazine ad for Rapala Fishing Lures. This is one of my favorite spreads that I have designed. It was also the first project that really helped me step out of my usual comfort zone. I really enjoyed being able to create a fun header/title page for the ad. I think it definitely draws in the readers attention. I spent 6.5 hours on this spread.

DIRECT MAILER: The goal was to create a direct mail piece for the 53rd Society of Illustrators Call for Entry. This was a huge challenge because there were so many panels and a poster to put information on. A lot of my time was spent trying to figure out the best organization of the information. I think this piece came out really successful. I also tried to incorporate a lot of imagery. I spent 8 hours on this design.

MAGAZINE SPREAD: The goal of this magazine spread was to create a design for Missouri Conservationist Magazine. With this layout I really tried to take some risks and try new things. I played around with different grids than what I am used to working with. I also shot all the photography that is shown. The main image in the layout is actually leaves floating on water accompanied by a branch shadow. I love this photo because it gives the impression of a tree. I spent 5.5 hours on this spread.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTO SET: The goal of these designs was to start with a professional photo and then build a poster and magazine spread around the image. I had to find articles that could possibly relate to my photo. It was a really challenging way to create a design, working backwards. I really like the magazine ad because of the image spanning the whole top. I think it breaks up the space nicely and then is complimented by the picture of the product. I wanted to make the poster a little more unique so I ran the information up the side of the poster instead of a block of text at the bottom of the poster. I spent 4 hours on the poster design and 6.5 hours on the magazine ad.

JOE SIX PACK: The goal was to design some kind of beverage that could fit into a 6-pack carrier. I chose to design a fun and modern cherry wheat beer that was geared toward a younger audience. Mine is entitled, The Classy Bitch: I'm buying a chandelier at Walmart, who's classy now, Bitches. I learned a lot on this project about packaging and especially proper printing procedures when sending a design off to a printer. I spent seventeen hours on this design.

MAGAZINE SPREAD: The goal of this magazine spread was to create a design for the article, The Secret of Feeling Full. Finally, I am really happy and actually like this spread. I revised the spread once again from what was in my midterm portfolio by changing the color a little and adding pills to the top of the scale. I feel like that one little detail took this layout to a whole new level. Before it just felt a little empty and I couldn't figure out why. With the several revision of this design I spent 9 hours.

RED BARN PACKAGE: The goal was to create multiple informational pieces for the Red Barn Arts & Crafts Festival that all tied in together. I feel like these pieces are very successful as a whole. I wanted to create a modern look for this event to try to start drawing in some newcomers to the festival. I still tried to keep the design kind of rustic and included lots of pictures. I shot most of the photography included myself. On the whole Red Barn package I spent approximately 20 hours. The most time was spent on perfecting the brochure. The brochure is my favorite piece. When folded together the images on the outside edges of the top image come together as one.


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