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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Red Barn - REV ONE!




Ok. We were assigned to create a packet for next years Red Barn Arts & Crafts Festival. This consists of a pamphlet, poster, half-page newspaper ad, and a web banner for the TSU website. This is a lot of stuff! Time was pretty pressed for the first comps.

I spent about four hours altogether on the four items so far. I spent the most time trying to format and make the body copy of the pamphlet make sense. I'm trying to go for the idea of "red never goes out of style". Still haven't quite figured out how I want to render by layout but it's slowly coming along. I also need to create a Red Barn logo.

This is a good step in the direct I want. I'm not sure if all four pieces are a little "too" unified. Let me know what you think?


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