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Friday, October 2, 2009

Project #7 FINALS

Here are the final magazine layouts for How Safe and Secret of Feeling Full. After looking at both of these for song I personally don't really like either one. I feel like the How Safe was a little more successful. I personally like the layout and concept. I think it is more visually pleasing than the Secret to Feeling Full layout.

I'm not really sure what to thing of the Secret to Feeling Full layout. I went out of the box and attempted a cartoon. I think for my first cartoon ever, it was pretty successful. It is just so different than my usual style that I don't know if the layout was successful or not. I spent a total of about eleven hours working on both of these layout throughout the whole design process.

Give me some feedback please?

No doubt, these layouts are definitely better than my first magazine layout!!!


Professor Nelson said...

When you reach the end of a layout and you aren't happy with it. Rework it using the same elements, but try a different set of decisions on structure and the basic design elements and principles. How can you use the same elements differently. Just set these layouts aside and do them again. How Safe is certainly the better of the two.

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