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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Project #5 - TSODA

This project involves re-designing a poster for the society of dance arts "DANCE FUSION". Again we just are taking things a little slower by doing an initial comp. and then perfecting later. We are working in design stages.

I'm really trying to break away from my norm of using big color boxes and aligning everything. Again, I tried to go off of a 5-column grid. I wanted the visual of this poster to be kind of flowing with some movement. The swirl pattern adds the feminine touch of dance and then the text brings in the masculine feel. For the text I used a clipping mask with a rough texture behind it. The texture is a duotone with my PMS color.

I found this design went a lot quicker, simply because I didn't have to take time and research fonts. Limiting us to five fonts actually made the process a little less complicated. THANKS PROFESSOR NELSON!


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