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Friday, September 4, 2009

Project #3: Poster Re-Design Take Three

.....and then there was more poster re-design! For this set of posters we had to re-design one that involved a Latin Dance Party and the other involving TSU Rock Climbing Club. This assignment had a few more problems because it was 11x17. This meant that if you don't have your own printer you had to print it in the computer lab.

For the TSU Rock Climbing poster I figured a lot of other people would draw or depict actual people rock climbing so I tried to do something a little different. The photograph I used is a picture I took during a Photo I class I took last semester. The image is a negative I scanned in.
The Latin Dance Party flyer was more challenging for me. I couldn't really figure out a unique way to put an image on the poster with out doing the typical. I just went for simple but eye-catching text.

I've noticed after creating both of these posters that I need to try and break away from my norm of centering everything! Overall I felt that my designs were pretty successful.


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