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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Project #2: Poster Re-Design Take Two

For our second project we were once again given the daunting task of re-designing some pretty awful looking posters. One poster was to be advertising "Beginner Ceramic Classes" at the Kirksville Arts Association and the second was to advertise a "German Culture Evening."

I found this second set of posters more difficult because of the topics present. The poster advertising a German Evening was the most difficult! I ended up hand drawing the cartoon accordion and then scanning it in. It was hard to think out of the box and not just go with typical stereotypes of German culture.

For the ceramics poster I used a studio shot of a ceramic pot I made last year. Having photos on hand makes the quick design turn-around a lot easier.

This time I started with sketches which helped develop my ideas further, but due to time restraints I still had a difficult time producing a masterpiece of a poster. Developing a concept, doing sketches, producing a design, and mounting your final product in about 30 hours has definitely been a huge challenge! (Not to mention doing not just one poster but two.)

I felt like my two re-designs from this project were definitely a step up from project #1. Hopefully my brain will continue to get faster and faster at coming up and initiating concept and ideas!


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