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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We get to design a six pack of whatever beverage we chose. We could do soda, beer, or anything else that comes in six. I decided to do a contemporary flavored beer. I was thinking something like cherry, raspberry or honey beer. We also have to use our name or nickname somewhere in the beverage name or company name.

My company name developed from my nickname JuJu. JuJu means "the magical power attributed to such an object". Then I ran across the definition of Bad JuJu. Bad JuJu means "an action that is likely to be harmful in a karmic way, that is, a harmful action that may bring about the same action on oneself. After that I finally came up with the name BAD BAD JUJU BREWERY. It almost produces a double negative.

I wanted this beer to be something fun that everyone in their 20s and 30s could relate to. For inspiration I ventured to

Here are some ideas I had for beer names/stories:
1. Grandpa's Urn: You broke her grandpas urn and ran your hand through his ashes claiming it was pixie dust. (probably not appropriate...but funny!)
2. Daddy Issues: Then he told me he was 40. I'm not sure if I have enough daddy issues to go for it.
3. Classy Bitch: I'm buying a chandelier at Walmart. WHO'S CLASSY NOW BITCHES!
4. The 2nd Grader: I just mixed Bailey's and Yoohoo. I feel like an alcoholic 2nd grader.
5. The Gobbler: He was walking around the bar drinking wild turkey and gobbling simultaneously.


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