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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Soooo........ Designing with a "Professional Photograph"

Using the professional photograph we found we had to create a magazine ad, magazine spread, and poster. My image kind of produced a bit of a problem just because I was limited with the topics I could choose such as the environment, camping, and nature. It isn't the most exciting topic for some.

I feel like out of the three my most successful design so far is the magazine ad. The ad is for custom made hiking boots that cost a ridiculous amount of $1500! That's crazy!

The other problem I have with these three designs is that I feel like I'm limited with colors. I don't like how they all pretty much have the same color scheme because I have to match the photograph. I guess I need to remember that these are for three different clients so I don't know if the color issue really matters that much.

The biggest challenge of this assignment was finding articles and subjects to create designs that were relevant to the imagery.

Not bad for first drafts!



Travis Buel said...

I really like the magazine spread most. Especially the image/title. I'd kinda like to see the "TOWER ARCH" without a stroke on it though - I think it would look fine with just the yellow. Or maybe make the text just more orange to make it stand out against the background so you don't need a stroke.

I like the effect you did on the image for the poster, and the text seems well-balanced with it. I would try to get all the people's names to fit on one line though. It doesn't look like they'd have to be a whole lot smaller than they are now, but I think that would really clean up the organization - you know how I am about using grids and guides and stuff haha. :P

On the ad, my only suggestion would be to make the Van Gorkum text the same color as that light blue bar below it.

I like these a lot, and again, I'm jealous you're getting so much work to do. :P

Julianne Gross said...

ALL I DO IS USE GRiDS NOW. That poster is a five column grid! I will definitely try that and see how it goes putting the names on one line! Thanks for the help. I miss not having you around so we can help each other and give each other ideas!

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