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Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Photo Layouts....ANOTHER TRY!

Here are the second revisions for the three layouts using our professional photo. I'm still having trouble linking my C.O.B. from photoshop to InDesign. There is always a slight white border around my object no matter how many times I redo the clipping path. So, to solve this problem I just decided to build the whole header separately and then link the whole thing over into InDesign. I did this on the Tower Arch magazine layout. I really like how this spread is developing.

For the poster I decided to kind of just start over completely. I did a different illustration effect on the image and made it more dominant. I also like how the text and information is now neatly ran down the side of the poster. I did this in a five column grid.

Oh....Van Gorkom. Not sure how this one is going. I moved the header "Van Gorkom" down to the bottom to create a logo. Then I tried to create a title using the pull quote that I had used. Does it look more like a magazine ad now?


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